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Iniciativas do Brasil

Initiatives to support society amid the COVID-19 pandemic

C&A understands its responsibility and thus sought to support society in this atypical and difficult times we are going through. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, we set up a crisis committee to monitor actions and impacts on employees, customers and suppliers in order to propose quick and appropriate solutions for the current scenario.

Donation of white T-shirts to health professionals​

To contribute to frontline health professionals working to fight the coronavirus, C&A donated 10,000 white cotton T-shirts to the Municipal Government of São Paulo, which were sent to health workers of the municipal healthcare network. The initiative was possible thanks to a partnership among C&A, Cotton Star and T Christina, benefiting those who are more exposed at this moment. We recognize everyone’s work and express our gratitude to our partners!

Instituto C&A's financial support to social organizations

Instituto C&A also donated around R$500,000 to several social organizations and projects focused on entrepreneurship in communities across Brazil, benefiting socially vulnerable people.

This donation enabled the purchase of food baskets and hygiene items, in addition to the maintenance of microentrepreneurs’ operations, especially in the making and sewing areas, among other social businesses. The benefited organizations included: Coletivo TransSol, Ipê, Mulheres de Paraisópolis, Rede Asta, Coa​lizão Éditodos, Matchfunding Enfrente, Fundo Volta por cima, Redes da Maré, Oca Escola Cultural, Amebras, Fundo CoVida , Coletivo Tem Sentimento, Plana Vivências, Rede Nóis por Nóis, Conexão Musas, FICAS de Máscaras , #EuCuido , Núcleo de alimentação a pessoas em situação de rua – Atrium SP e RJ, Casa Miga Manaus e Aliança Povos Indígenas Manaus.
At you can learn about our store reopenings and all protection and sanitization measures implemented by C&A​.

Donation of 100,000 face masks to the population

Together with some of our suppliers and the logistics team, we donated 100,000 non-surgical cloth masks to socially vulnerable people. We donated 50,000 kits containing two non-surgical, double-layer cotton masks.The masks are reusable, individual and essential to avoid contagion. We had strategic partners for this initiative, from the fabric supply to labor and delivery. The mask production is the result of the partnership among C&A, Rede Asta, NCCV, Aerosoft Cargas Aéreas, Azzurra, Dimatex, Elastisul, Elastok Elásticos, Estrela Elásticos, Focus Têxtil, Lorsa, Nasul Cargo Logística, Studio 40 and Top Sport. The kits with two masks included leaflets with instructions for use and washing, in order to guide those who received them. Joint efforts towards a common objective were crucial to the success of the action. We express our gratitude to each partner who made this possible! Watch below the video about the initiative: