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Wearing the change is to experience the stages of life

​​​​​Ciclos (Cycles) is a product line that was designed in a conscious way. It is the representation of circular fashion in our collection mix and translates C&A's genuine positioning as a global apparel brand committed to sustainability and fashion with a positive impact.

Check out the evolution


Initially known as “T-shirts designed to be recycled", the collection arrived in Brazil Cradle to Cradle Certified™​ Gold level, leading C&A to be the world's first fashion retailer to accomplish the challenge of making fashion more sustainable, by offering this type of product on a large scale. The collection included basic T-shirts with 7 colors and 2 models (men's and women's). Due to the appreciation of our customers, a second edition of this collection was launched in April 2018, when we presented our #VistaAMudança (the Brazilian version of #WearTheChange) campaign.


This new collection featured the launch of the world's most sustainable jeans, also Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at Gold Level. This represented an important milestone, as substantial changes in a complex production chain were required to meet the certification standards. New men's and women's printed Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold level T-shirts  were also added to the collection.​



With the launch of this collection, the product line expands and includes denim shorts and skirts, besides a new set of styles with the use of new prints and modeling made up of Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™ materials, preserving the essential features of more sustainable fashion. 

Also in 2020, the products are Cradle Certified™ Gold level and named Ciclos, bringing it closer to customers and easier to remember. The brand is synonymous with respect and consciousness, relying on circular fashion as a constructive principle. This new cycle marks the production made in Brazil by suppliers that were developed and certified to offer this innovative product. This reinforces C&A's commitment to having increasingly sustainable products in an accessible way for our customers and developing our supply chain so that our suppliers may grow with us towards fashion with a positive impact. 

Ciclos and the Cradle to Cradle™ Certification

Ciclos is the only collection in the Americas to earn this certification, which is one of the most important in terms of circular products and materials. It evaluates the level of safety for the environment and for people across the production chain. 

The five evaluation criteria are as follows:​

The 5 Certification Levels

Each certification category has different levels of score and criteria. These levels have distinct scales of technical demands and requirements, and the higher the level the greater the challenges and goals. 


Ciclos is a product line designed to introduce and normalize circular fashion in the retail sector. This is why we have been paying attention to every detail to produce more sustainable and safer garments.

You may have already noticed that Ciclos is a product line that goes far beyond a stylish outfit. Circular Fashion is synonymous of respecting the stages of life and has to do with regenerating and preserving natural resources. It is also about who produces, sells and buys our clothes. 

Supply chain development in Brazil

C&A products from the Ciclos line are the first to be made in Brazil and to be Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold level. This is a significant milestone for the Brazilian fashion industry.

To make it possible, we took nearly two years to develop selected suppliers in Brazil, so they could join us in this journey, which increasingly strengthens the local industry and the circular fashion concepts.