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Global Sustainability Framework

​​​The Framework is structured in three major pillars – Sustainable Products, Sustainable Supply and Sustainable Lives, and primarily aims to contribute to fashion with a positive impact.

Sustainable Products

Sustainable materials

Our vision for fashion with a positive impact begins with raw materials: cotton, polyester, viscose and other items used to make our clothes. How these materials are produced is fundamentally important to create a sustainable future for our supply chain and beyond.

For this reason, we are committed to sourcing 100% more sustainable cotton​ and 67% more sustainable raw mat​erials in general, by 2020. We also have an Animal Welfare Policy​.

Circular Economy

Our vision for the global apparel industry is based on an economy that enables us to end the fiber and clothing cycle in a fair and restorative manner. We were the world’s first fashion retailer to launch Gold level Cradle to Cradle™ T-shirts and are committed to increasing our product supply with this certification.


Sustainable Supply

Clean Environment

We are taking measures to improve our environmental performance when it comes to water consumption, waste ​management and the use of renewable energy by using tools to reduce CO2 emissions and recycle waste in our stores, offices and logistics and distribution centers.​​

Safe and Fair Labor

​We are working towards a sustainable supply chain from the production of raw materials to consumer products. This means encouraging the use of more sustainable resources, such as sourcing more sustainable cotton, working to raise environmental and social standards where our products are made and improving our own operations. To achieve our objective of having  a more sustainable supply chain, we are working for a clean environment and are focused on ensuring safe and fair labor conditions. In this sense, we carefully select our suppliers and conduct thorough audits to guarantee that fair standards are complied with.

Sustainable Lives

Engaging Employees

We have an ambition to offer fashion with a positive impact and encourage our customers to behave more sustainably. On this journey, our employees play a fundamental role in our customers’ purchase experience and are responsible for achieving  our commitment to sustainable fashion. They represent the most authentic and effective manner to bring us closer to our customers at the stores. For this reason, the Sustainable Lives pillar is transformational.

Engaging Customers

C&A aims to be a platform that connects people and the world, offering products and services that go beyond clothing. This is why we engage our employees and build their capacity so as to drive sustainability and allow our customers to know our initiatives and support them.

C&A and Tatiana Cardeal Collection, Instituto C&A Collection​