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Initiatives in Brazil


Energy efficiency is one of C&A's strategic guidelines towards increasingly conscious consumption, which avoids waste and saves costs. Thanks to the use of LED light bulbs, we reduced energy consumption by 50%, accounting for a 12% savings in our electricity bill. In addition, between 2012 and 2016, energy consumption per m² of sales area reduced by 19%, as a result of the measures taken since 2004, such as the installation of demand controllers, the rational use of air conditioners in all stores (including the purchase of more efficient equipment), temperature standardization and the stores’ migration to the Free Energy Market (Mercado Livre de Energia) in Brazil.
According to the Chamber of Electric Energy Commercialization (CCEE), C&A is second in the migration ranking as a special consumer, in the Free Energy Market. In this consumption category, we managed to reduce energy costs by 23%.