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Iniciativas do Brasil

Electronic Waste Program

​​​​​​​​​​The Electronic Waste Program is connected to the waste management commitment of our Global Sustainability Framework.

We seek to offer a full experience to our customers, who in addition to buying products, can take advantage of our programs to discard items they no longer want and rest assured that these products will be disposed of in a sustainable manner and, whenever possible, creating social value.

Since 2010, the Electronic Waste Program has been available in all C&A stores, distribution centers and offices, expanding the initiative to our employees. To participate in the program, look for an identified collection box and drop off cellphones and batteries that you no longer use. 

In addition to engaging customers and employees, who recognize C&A for offering an environmentally appropriate disposal, this initiative is also an environmental management tool, as we avoid the inappropriate disposal of these hazardous materials in the environment.

To help us in this process, we have a business partner responsible for material collection, screening and recycling. We monitor indicators and certifications internally. The results are disclosed in our Global Sustainability Report​.​

The indicators are also used as an internal engagement tool, since we rank the stores and symbolically award the three stores with the largest amount of items in their collection boxes on an annual basis.

Since the beginning of the Program, C&A has already sent over 590,000 items for recycling, accounting  for 31 tons of cellphones and batteries.

Click here  to read the Electronic Waste Program’s rules.

Updated on May 18, 2020.