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Iniciativas do Brasil

More Sustainable Jeans

​Jeans is one of the fashion products that has the greatest environmental impacts. The production process, from cotton growing, yarn dyeing and washing, consumes a large amount of water, chemicals and energy.

With that in mind, we launched a new jeans collection, with items that reduced water consumption by over 65% during the laundry process. The collection features several models with information on fashion and style, encompassing all categories (women’s, men’s and kids’), and is part of the #VistaAMudança (#WearTheChange) campaign.

Reinforcing our commitment to pursuing fashion with a positive impact, we offer these products with less environmental impacts, whether through the use of sustainable raw materials, more sustainable cotton​, or reduced impacts in other production stages.


This launch was possible through an unprecedented partnership with Lorsa, C&A’s denim supplier, and Spanish company Jeanologia, specialized in eco-efficient equipment and processes. By using the EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring) software, we can measure the environmental impacts of product laundry before production, thus saving time and resources such as water, energy and chemicals during the production process. In addition, we only use chemicals that do not contain hazardous substances, in line with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) global program, to which we have been a signatory since 2011.

For pants, for instance, without using the software, the laundry stage would consume around 47 liters of water per item. Thanks to this new technology, we significantly reduced this amount of water in this new collection, using up to 9.5 liters per item, an 80% reduction!

The items are available in selected stores and e​-commerce and can be identified through the green tag:


What have we already done

​In March 2016, we launched a sustainable jeans collection made of more sustainable cotton and with less use of water and chemicals.

The most sustainable cotton, used by C&A since 2014, consumes water more efficiently and decreases the use of fertilizers, thus reducing the environmental impacts related to cultivation and improving the quality of life of farmers.

We were the first fashion retailer in Brazil to develop a more sustainable product line through our supply chain, and as a result of this initiative, we won the 2016 Amcham ECO Award, in the Product category.

Photos: C&A Collection
Published on September 5, 2019; Updated on September 15, 2020​​