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Initiatives in Brazil

Mechanical Safety

​Although Brazil does not have its own mechanical safety legislation, we adopted the European safety standard in 2008, which is one of the strictest in the world, for all our kids’ collections. We are the only retailer in the textile industry to apply these standards in order to avoid occupational accidents caused by chains, pull tapes and strings, ornaments and accessories, buttons, labels, gemstones, velcro, zippers and other fastenings on kids' clothing items.

Before making a new product designed by C&A, our suppliers  send us samples to be tested in our laboratories for fit and quality. At this stage, we conduct a thorough visual inspection of the items  to identify defects that may pose risks for customers, such as nails protruding from shoes, metal and plastic slivers, excess thread in the inner part of the pieces and needles and pins. We test products for physical resistance in several situations, including machine washing, shoe twisting, etc. During the production stage, the visual inspection is repeated in a large number of randomly chosen items, and part of the laboratory tests is performed again.